LE PROJET "I have a dream"

Cet album est composé de 16 chansons extraites du répertoire des Enfantastiques adaptées en anglais. C’est une chorale de 20 enfants anglophones qui les interprète, tous élèves de l’ERMITAGE, Ecole Internationale de France, à Maisons-Laffitte (78).

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This record is composed by 16 songs extracted and adapted from the directory of Enfantastiques. This choir of 20 english-speaking childrens interprets the songs, all are students from the ERMITAGE, Ecole Internationale de France, in Maisons-Laffitte (78).

Intrumentals versions and play-back are included in the CD
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An educational, artistic, citizen and public-minded project:

– The educational project: this is among more than 400 songs written to date in the improvisation sessions by Monsieur No in French Primary schools, on themes chosen and prepared by children and their teachers; the most successful were recorded by the choir Enfantastiques, created in 2004. 9 albums have already been published and the feedback has shown the level of interest in the project, from the usefulness of this new content adapted to children of this age to working on the themes currently studied at school (citizenship, solidarity, sustainable development, sharing fairly). These songs, sung in children’s voices, help the work already being done by choirs; in effect, the fact of listening to and seeing children sing on albums and in clips (on the site www.lesenfantastiques.fr) motivates other children and encourages them to try to copy the songs much more musically.

– The artistic project: the albums Enfantastiques are recorded by a children’s choir accompanied by professional musicians using under the best technical conditions and with the most strenous artistic effort. These albums are therefore, apart from being a wonderful testimony to the work done in an educational environment, a proper production, meant to be circulated to the general public in both an educational and family way. The citizen project: the songs recorded by Les Enfantastiques are chosen according to the themes of each album and always with a sense of common purpose: the children’s voices sing and aim for a better, just and more beautiful world.

– The public mindedness project: the royalties generated from the sale of this CD will be donated to a humanitarian organization


Because I am a girl

Happy new year


Our children are a gift

We are all the same


Happy, happy new year


We are all the same

I have a dream

‘nough is enough’

Our children are a gift


It’s everything

Everyone has a place in the sun

How beautiful is the sea

Happy, happy new year

Evergreen dream


The chocolate song

Cool Raul

I love the whole wide world

It would only take some love



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